Antiques and collectibles that share a love of all things reading. Many of the items here are no longer available from contemporary sources. Some are genuine antiques, others are simply collectibles, and others such as the Boyds Bears figurines are no longer available from any source (on December 31, 2014 Enesco - the current owner of the Boyds Bear put the collection "into hibernation" for an undetermined time.

Pasture Bedtime# 3 - Pasture Bedtime - Cowgirl Reading to Baby Cow

A cow (bovine) in a gingham dress reads a book to her baby calf who is cuddled in a blanket, holds a pacifier, and bottle at her side. The book Mother Cow is reading has illustrations that look to be a horse on one page and a cow on another.

This piece was, designed by Mary Rhyner, is © 1995 by ENESCO. Mary's Moo Moos - Branded No. 469MM341. With red and white gingham Moo-Moo box. Figurine is approximately 3.5 inches tall.




#4 - Bedtime Dairy Tales

A cow (bovine) dressed in a brown vest and denim pants holds a young calf in a pink dress. Part of the COWTOWN® collection by Ganz © 1995. Item CT054. Handcrafted in China. Figurine is approximately 3.5 inches tall.





Pierre#5 - Pierre

This stylish bear is shown in two views. He is approximately 4.5 inches tall and carries a book titled Bedtime Story, and a candle. A member of BeauBears™ exclusively distributed by Goebel.






Bear & Baby Bear

#6 - Bear and Baby Bear

Bear in red turtle neck reads to baby bear. Baby bear has a red heart on her chest. They are reading a blue book wiht a raised green evergreen tree on the front. The pages of the book has lines to emulate text but no words are visible. Loop for figurine to be used as an ornament. Approximately 3.5 inches.