Antiques and collectibles that share a love of all things reading. Many of the items here are no longer available from contemporary sources. Some are genuine antiques, others are simply collectibles, and others such as the Boyds Bears figurines are no longer available from any source (on December 31, 2014 Enesco - the current owner of the Boyds Bear line put the collection "into hibernation" for an undetermined time.

#1-grandfather and child

#1 - Grandfather and Child Reading

This figure features a white haired man and a small child reading a yellow book together. The figurine is approximately 6.75 inches high. Not sure of the material, seems to be some form of ceramic and is breakable

Based on the history of this piece, I believe the figurine is from the 1930s. There are no markings on the figurine to indicate artist, or any other details. But it is a delightfully charming piece.


  • A gift for National Grandparent's Day (second Sunday in September).
  • Incorporate into a center piece for Grandfather's birthday celebration
  • Used as a cake topper
  • A piece to gift to a grandchild in memory of the child's grandfather.